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Impacting lives & Serving Families is our key focus. Hearing the stories of those impacted is true fulfillment.

Tara Sweets & Family

We trained 4 children on Scholarships, One went to SEMO for dance, another teaches dance at her mom's after school program, and the boys were impacted in discipline and confidence which prepared them for sports & life.

Penny King

This mom fell on hard times as we ALL have. We were happy to continue her student's dance education without a second thought. This is what community does.

Taylor Sykes

Its NEVER too late to follow your dream. Taylor always had the dream of training professionally, but it was always beyond her financial reach. We were blessed to help her dream come true.


Essence has trained with Pointe of Surrender since she could walk. She is now a highly awarded competitive dancer, she is in our pre-professional program, she is En Pointe, she made her professional debut at The Grandel this summer with "Rivers of Women", was awarded the Dance St. Louis Award, won the regional Omega Psi Arts award, and trained with Julliard, & Webster this summer. She is also a member of the elite Noir Dance Company, and will be performing this winter with Ballet 314 for "Nutcracker".


Baylie just loves to dance. She lights up every room that she walks into. We can't wait to see what her dance journey brings her!

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